The Computer Guys

Website Design & Build

The Computer Guys

Website Design & Build

Not Just IT. Healthcare IT.

The Computer Guys are a Michigan-based company that manages IT for medical practices across the state. From delivering hardware to installing and maintaining Electronic Health Records, they keep the doctors focused on the patients and keep the practice managers happy.

As it so often seems to happen, the cobbler’s son had no shoes. An experienced and highly regarded IT company was so focused on serving its clients, that it never got around to launching their website. They brought us in to craft an online resource to accomplish three key functions: Collect Support Tickets, Illustrate Breadth of Service, and debut their newest resource for federal compliance training and management.

Facilitate 24/7 Support

TCG’s number one priority is to ensure all client computer systems are functioning at all times. That’s why they make sure support tickets can be submitted at any time. We made sure that was front and center.

Illustrate Breadth of Service

With several different IT services, TCG wanted to make sure clients and potential clients understood all that as available.  From cloud storage to hardware installation, we showed just how many things they’re capable of providing.

Debut Newest Product

After several years in development, the increasingly necessary HIPAA compliance software tool was about to make its big debut. We made sure this information was easy to find and explained in great detail.

Like What You See?

A website serves as the home base for all of your digital marketing. It is where all of your company and product or service information can be found in one location and where you can show potential customers what sets you apart from the competition. It’s like a navy suit or a little black dress. Everyone has to have one.

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