Custom Website Development

Responsive Design

Our websites are fully responsive. That means they will look fantastic on any device. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, and desktops, your site will be easy to use, and great to look at. So when your customer finds you while using their desktop at work, checks back on their tablet while watching TV, and visits again to dial your number from their smartphone, they’ll have a seamless, simple experience with your site.

Modern Features

Our custom designed websites and built with the latest features and technology. They are built on the WordPress platform which makes future updates extremely easy and styled using the ever-growing capabilities of CSS and HTML. We maintain and develop our skills with regular training to ensure we can give you the most modern website possible.

Simple Process

With years of experience developing and managing sites of all sizes, we have refined a simple, convenient process to get you from buying your domain to launching the completed site.

Buying Your Property

A domain is like an address and a hosting account is like the land. The domain let’s people know where you are and the hosting is where all the files and images are saved. We’ll help you take care of both. We use only large, 3rd party hosts who can guarantee your site will always be up and running.

Designing the Look

If you think someone else’s site looks really great and want us to use it as inspiration, this is the time. We can use that along with some of our own ideas to provide two different design concepts for you to review. You can select one or the other, or a combination of the two!

Writing the Copy

The meat of your site is the text. This is where site visitors learn all about you and your products or services. It’s also what search engines use to put your website on the list of search results. We write it all out, page by page, for you to review, make changes, and approve. We only use legitimate, “white hat” SEO practices proven to work over time.

Building the Site

Finally, we take the approved design and the approved copy and bring your site to life. You’ll have another opportunity to review and make adjustments and then your site will be published. It’s that easy. Congratulations!

Manageable Timeline

Not too fast, but not too slow. We understand that managing the construction of a new website isn’t the only thing on your plate. But we also know that you want it done. We keep a steady pace so that you have the time you need to provide feedback, but aren’t waiting around, wondering when you’re going to see the next step. Most websites can be completed in 5-7 weeks.

  • Domain Selection & Hosting Set-Up
Picking a name, buying the domain, and setting up the hosting plan typically takes 2-3 days.
  • Design Concepts
Creating your  concepts, giving you time to review, and finalizing the design typically takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Copy Writing
Writing the copy document, giving you time to review, and finalizing the content typically takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Site Build
It may surprise you, but once the design and copy are finalized, building the site typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Affordable Excellence

Our development process and experience allow us to provide a premium, custom website for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Our prices are a fair balance of the value they provide and the time it takes us to develop them.

Get Started

Get in touch with us to get started on your custom website today. We’ll schedule time to get to know you and your business, understand your requirements, and review your options. We want to make sure your site has exactly what you need. No unnecessary extras. Nothing left out.

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