Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

Sushi Roll Ridiculousness

Round One: The Sushi 16

Our March Tournament started off with 16 of Kyoto’s Special Sushi Rolls. Each had a seed number, and they were paired together in a bracket. Likes to vote for one. Comments to vote for the other.

Round Two: The Eely 8

After a week of voting, we had our first set of winners.  A few upsets and a few blowouts kept the tournament interesting and kept the public hungry for more action.

Round Three: The Futomaki 4

As we neared the end of the tournament, things got exciting. A couple notable rivalries like the Lobster King and the Queen Roll really fought it out, but in the end, only four could move on.

Round Four: The Championship

Our last match-up pitted the hometown favorite American Roll against the fierce Lobster King. It was in the hands of the customers and they made each vote count.

The Champion: American Dream Roll

It was an exciting, engaging couple of weeks, but in the end, the American Dream brought home the championship.  Here’s to next year!

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