McLellan Financial Mortgage

Website Design & Build

McLellan Financial Mortgage

Website Design & Build

Remodeling a Digital Home

McLellan Financial Mortgage is a mortgage brokerage company in Detroit’s northern suburbs. They managed to stay in business during the recession through a combination of excellent customer service and a wide range of financing solutions. But their online presence needed a refresh.

Most clients submitted their applications online and the ever-increasing rate of mobile browsing mandated fully responsive functionality. Corner Store Creative was asked to help them leverage this new technology to offer an informative, easy-to-navigate digital home where potential clients could pursue financing with ease.

Explain the Options

Mortgages can be awfully confusing. Understanding how time, interest rates, and payments, work together is enough to make anyone’s head spin. We developed a series of pages that explained all the details in simple terms.

Share Successes

As a heavy referral business, capturing the testimonials of past clients is crucial. Our Successes section showcased feedback from simple quotes to full, detailed stories so that others could begin the process with confidence.

Apply Online

Applying for a mortgage or to refinance a home involves a lot of information. It’s easier and more confidential to have the client enter into an online. We created an application page that integrates with their company software to save everyone time.

Like What You See?

A website serves as the home base for all of your digital marketing. It is where all of your company and product or service information can be found in one location and where you can show potential customers what sets you apart from the competition. It’s like a navy suit or a little black dress. Everyone has to have one.

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