Living Well Dental Group

Patient Testimonials
After almost 18 months in business, the Living Well Dental Group wanted show the local community what kind of experience and care was available. A few phone calls later, half a dozen patients has signed up to come in and share their story. Their enthusiasm was clear, and the results show it. The final campaign included 5 different videos. They were used across digital channels and demonstrated a significant lift in engagement within social media.


A soft, soothing track, muted color grading, and sincere stories create an emotionally engaging experience, allowing viewers to feel like they can truly connect with other patients.



Short pieces of video content are endlessly useful. From web pages to social media channels, to local search hubs like Google Business, opportunities are limitless for digital video.

Cost Efficient

By managing a tight schedule, reducing on-set crew to just two, and handling post-production in-house, Corner Store Creative could produce five videos for less than many would charge for one.

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