Integrated Campaign

TRIRQ Health - BPCI Advanced

Integrated Campaign

TRIARQ Health – BPCI Advanced

Client: TRIARQ Health
Location: Troy, MI
Project: Integrated Campaign
Timeline: 9 weeks

Bundled Campaign Management for a Bundled Care Alliance

While one half of TRIARQ Health focuses on Practice Services like state-of-the-art EMR systems and billing services, the other half is pioneering the world of Value-Based Care. They specifically focus on orthopedic knee and hip replacement “episodes of care.” This means that all of the pre-surgery, surgery, and post-operative rehabilitation care and costs are rolled up into one “bundle.” Then payers from private insurance companies to federal departments like CMS offer incentive programs if doctors can retain the high quality standards while reducing the overall cost. 

A massive nationwide opportunity to help reduce the cost of these bundles came in the form of a CMS program called BPCI-Advanced. TRIARQ turned to us to formulate a nationwide campaign to help them enroll as many doctors as possible under their approach to this program.

Our solution revolved around an aggressive, direct-marketing campaign that included everything from paid-social and email marketing to event marketing and video content.

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Email Marketing

We only had 60 days to make a big impression, so we used email marketing as the foundation of our entire campaign. We also factored in TRIARQ’s existing infrastructure, networks, and knowledge of state healthcare regulations in Michigan, Florida, and Texas to focus our efforts on those three states. We acquired email lists for orthopedic practices in each state, further focusing in on the top practices based on publically available data. Then we sent out multiple emails per week, segmenting by interest as we went to build brand awareness and share TRIARQ’s vision for bundled care management.

Event Marketing

Orthopedic surgeons are busy people, and while email marketing might get you some name recognition, engaging in a real conversation is best done in person. We helped TRIARQ host multiple dinners in each target market as well as a Trade Show booth at the annual Orthopedic Conference, to press the flesh, build rapport, and get into the fine print on what they were proposing. You know the emails set the groundwork well when everyone stops by your booth and says “So you’re the guys who’ve been emailing me!” and then signs on the dotted line.

Video Content

Nothing wastes digital advertising dollars like slow-loading pages with too much or too little content. We built best-practice-based landing pages for all of our digital campaigns to improve conversion rates and drive more business.


An essential component to establishing credibility with prospects is to show that you’ve already proved yourself in the area. Fortunately, TRIARQ was part of a Michigan’s largest private insurance company’s bundled payment program while the BPCI Advanced sign-up window was open. We capitalized by getting some key press coverage in Detroit’s leading business publication, showcasing TRIARQ’s already-significant experience in the bundle management business.

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