Integrated Campaign

TRIRQ Health - BPCI Advanced 2019

Client: TRIARQ Health
Location: Troy, MI
Project: Integrated Campaign
Timeline: 10 weeks

Integrated Communications Campaign for an Integrated Care Management Company

After a successful first campaign for the 2018 registration window of the BPCI-Advanced program, TRIARQ Health was in a great position to jump on the 2019 window. The stakes were higher this time, however, because this was the last registration window for several years. We knew it was now or never.

In the 2018 campaign, we learned a lot about the power of physical presence and the good opinion of other physicians. While our email marketing drove a huge spike in brand awareness, what really drove registrations was our booth at the annual AAOE Conference and our relationships with notable orthopedists.

Unfortunately, the registration window was after the annual AAOE conference, so we couldn’t count on that to get big numbers. We went anyway, with several new booth displays to maintain visibility and increase the size of our network. Fortunately, the physicians already on our roster were very happy with our performance and lined up to provide video testimonials.

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Video Testimonials

Our successful 2018 campaign placed TRIARQ, a new player in Value Base Care, in the Top 10 national BPCI Conveners. And TRIARQ’s performance in the program made the physician-owners very happy. Since we learned so much about the power of physician-referrals, we decided to make an aggressive push on testimonials, specifically in video format so that doctors could tell other doctors about why TRIARQ was such a great choice. We travelled across Michigan and Florida to collect them and TRIARQ couldn’t be happier with the results.

Event Marketing

TRIARQ’s presence at the 2018 AAOS conference was a huge boost for the campaign. There’s nothing like shaking someone’s hand to start a relationship. And while the 2019 conference was too early uin the year to actually sign people up for the program, TRIARQ went anyway to maintain visibility in the orthopedics world and prepare people for the next registration opportunity. We designed several new booth displays and managed their overall booth experience.

Robust Website Content

With over a year of involvement in BPCI, TRIARQ had a lot of new tools and knowledge to show off this time around. Revolutionary strategies like Clinically Integrated Networks and Branded software sytems like QPathways were a game changer but needed to be explained in a way psysicians could understand. Our aggressive email marketing required several new landing pages with these sorts of details, which all, ultimately, moved the doctors to register with TRIARQ.

Email Marketing

After so much success with email marketing in 2018, we doubled down for the 2019 campaign. It wasn’t the core of our registration strategy, but it did lay the groundwork for all of our other tactics. Select lists of physicians receved 2-3 emails per week to share the video testimonials, informative program details and landing page content, and, of course, a link to sign up with TRIARQ. The campaign saw above average open rates and we saw many signatures come through shortly after emails hit inboxes.

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