Video Production

The Earhart Club
Client: The Earhart Club
Location: Royal Oak, MI
Project: Video Production
Timeline: 8 weeks

Sharing the Message of Empowerment

The core communication strategy of The Earhart Club, outside of their engaging club meetings with girls, is daily social media encouragement. They wanted to bolster their social content with a large number of short video clips that helped share their message and provide more detail about their vision.

Our challenge was to craft a production strategy that provided maximum bang for the buck. They are a registered non-profit after all. So we helped them reverse engineer an interview-style shoot where we could ask the right questions to get the right answers without having to read from a script.

We also broke it up in a way that we could separate the different answer segments into dozens of short 15-30 second clips that could be easily shared through social media. All in a single 90 minute shoot.

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Three Pillars

The Earhart Club is guided by three pillars that, instead of building up the ego, help girls find their own sense of self. Instead of trying to control their development, they give them the tools to discover their own voice.

Fearlessly Asking Questions

A driving focus of The Earhart Club is to encourage girls to fearlessly ask questions. To foster their own innate sense of curiosity to collaborate with others, and to fall in love with the process of learning about themselves and the world around them.

Women Who Build Each Other Up

No one has ever changed the world on their own. They had close friends, families, and colleagues who helped them on their way. The Earhart Club helps girls stand together and support one another rather than tearing eachother down.

Ignoring The Outside Influences

There are so many distractions out there. And around the age of 8 or 9, girls start dropping their own interests to cater to the expectations of others. The Earhart Club helps them retain that sense of self and keep following their dreams.

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