Video Production

Rotary Gateway Park

Client: Rochester Rotary Club
Location: Rochester, MI
Project: Video Production
Timeline: 3 weeks

Capturing Serenity

While downtown Rochester may have been a sleepy country town 60 years ago, the dynamic and growing suburb is now bustling with busy people 24/7. With a popular main street lined with amazing restaurants and shops, one would never know that a quiet, beautifully maintained garden park was just a stone’s throw away.

But for those who know about it, or are curious enough to explore, the Rotary Gateway Park offers a space of quiet reflection, perfect for anyone who wants or needs a break from the noise and chaos of daily life.

About 20 years ago, the Rotary Club of Rochester, part of the global service organization, Rotary International, turned this little plot of unused land into a garden full of unique flowers, comemorative statues, engraved paver walkways, and a rippling, babbling waterfall.

Keeping the park in fine form takes money, so the Rotary Club elisted our help to capture it’s serenity on film to help them raise funds for the annual maintenance required. Our most relaxing video shoot to date!

Watch The Film

Rotary Gateway Park

We used a shallow depth of focus and careful camera movements to help viewers concentrate on one beautiful feature of the park at a time, as if they were slowly strolling through it themselves, taking it in step by step. Combined with a calm, joyful music track, it makes us wish the park had WiFi so that we could set up shop there, although that would sort of defeat the purpose.

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