Website Development

Psarianos Violins

Website Development

Psarianos Violins

Client: Psarianos Violins
Location: Royal Oak, MI
Project: Website
Timeline: 4 weeks

Modern, Responsive Website Overhaul

Psarianos Violins is one of Detroit’s cultural gems. It is the city’s premier shop for fine violins and is unmatched in stringed instrument restoration and repair. Employing techniques handed down from the greats like Amati, Stradaveri, and Guarneri, their trade is better described as traditional rather than modern.

Our job was to help this business reach the modern musician where there are: web browsers. More specifically, mobile web browsers. Having lived with an old, flash-based website for well over a decade, it was time to transition into a mobile-responsive design that presented a more modern approach to communication.

The primary challenge was balancing the need for minimalist self-promotion, while also utilizing best-practice on-page SEO strategy. High-end shops like Psarianos avoid long-winded marketing, preferring a more modest style that allows their work to speak for them. Given search engine’s dependence on copy to inform ranking decisions, we squeezed everything we could out of the headlines and short statements.

Explore the Design


Users are greeted with a dynamic video splash screen that gives them a look behind the scenes at Peter Psarianos’s workshop, lined with vast arrays of chisels, clamps, brushes, and other tools. Scrolling down, you meet Peter and Laurie themselves and more information about their primary products and services.

Instrument List

A critical component to the website was a list of their current instruments. Built in WordPress, this page is very easy to edit so that the staff can make changes whenever the need. Similar pages were built for Violin Bows, as well as Viola Instruments and Bows, and Cello Instruments and Bows. Future planned updates include detailed feature pages on each of their fine violins geared toward the most discerning collectors and players.

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