Website Development

Michigan Vitality Health

Client: Michigan Vitality Health
Location: Huntington Woods, MI
Project: Website
Timeline: 4 weeks

Mobile-First Design For New Male Health Clinic

Michigan Vitality Health is Detroit’s alternative to pill-based, supplement-based, or injection based male health. Using ultrasonic technology original developed to aid in muscle rehabilitation, the non-invasive technique encourages the body to restore blood-flow.

Our task for this start-up was to develop a fast-loading, mobile-first design that appealed to the male consumer, while communicating the key information that differentiated it from all the other “male health” clinics. A digital home-base toward which we could funnel people through digital advertising.

The biggest challenge was keeping the pages limited in scope so that they would load fast and get to the point. It can be an embarrassing experience to even admit it to yourself that you need help in that area, so the quicker we could take men from a google search to the discreet, limited contact form, the better.

Explore the Design

One-Click Contact Forms

It’s well-documented that site use drops off dramatically after each click. The more clicks between the user and your lead generation tool, the fewer leads you’ll get. Rather than take people to a separate page for the contact form, we implemented pop-up forms so that users could both reach out quickly and return to viewing the current page.

Results Page

Getting results is the only thing that matters. That’s why we created a very limited navigation, with results occupying one of the four spots. And we led with the numbers, which are impressive. Also included were two case studies that showcase real examples than many men can personally relate to. 

Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages

Nothing wastes digital advertising dollars like slow-loading pages with too much or too little content. We built best-practice-based landing pages for all of our digital campaigns to improve conversion rates and drive more business.

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