Video Production

McLellan Financial Mortgage

Client: McLellan Financial Mortgage
Location: Rochester, MI
Project: Video Production
Timeline: 4 weeks

Fighting Financial Jargon

Financial Jargon can get out of hand. Sometimes it seems like banks use it to confuse you on purpose and sell you something you wouldn’t agree to if they used plain English. That’s why McLellan Financial Mortgage is such a great resources for home lending. They use real words that their clients understand so that they can make informed decisions.

We used this insight to develop an online video campaign geared toward YouTube and Facebook. The short 30 second format helps increase viewership and the hilarious delivery by Chad, the business owner’s nephew, really brings it home. Add in the playful music and it will have you in stitches.

Corner Store Creative managed the full scope of this project from strategic development and writing, to filming and post-production. We even planned the media for the online campaign.

Watch The Videos

Reduced Term

When you hear “Reduced Term,” think “Shorter Loan.” This first video was all about helping people understand that shortening the length of their loan might cost a little more per month now, but save them thousands in interest and help them become mortgage-free before they retire and their income stream drops dramatically. Now that’s a good idea.

Lower APR

When you hear “Lower APR,” think “Smaller Payment.” The second video was all about helping people understand that the new, lower interest rates could help them reduce the size of their monthly payment and free up some cash for something more fun. Like a boat!

Mortgage Equity Withdrawal

Ok, so no one actually uses the term “Mortgage Equity Withdrawal,” but it still gets at the point that financial jargon is annoying and unnecessary. This third video was about letting people know that they can take cash out of the equity they’ve already built up to make home improvements.


What’s a funny video shoot without some hilarious outtakes.

We’ll just let you enjoy them.

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