Video Production

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

Client: Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse
Location: Royal Ok, MI
Project: Video Production
Timeline: 2 weeks

Stepping Up the Social Game

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse is a restaurant in Royal Oak, Michigan that features the excitement of Hibachi and the cool taste of sushi. Their artistic Special and Chef Special Rolls are a frequent feature in social media, but they wanted to take the leap from still photography to video content.

Our job was to find a unique way to feature their rolls in a way that captured their unique style quickly and effectively. There’s nothing like a long video to bore people on Facebook.

The result was some short content videos that you’d never expect to see coming from a local Japanese restaurant.

Watch The Videos

Dubstep Sushi

With a crazy music track, dramatic and mysterious lighting, and a big of end-of -the-world distortion, this clip grabs your attention and makes you want to rush in for a taste.

Funky Tuna

At only seven seconds long, this does the job it was meant to do. Inspire an appetite in the time it takes to make two thumb swipes on your favorite social media app.

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