Website Development

Hartford Endocrinology

Website Development

Hartford Endocrinology

Client: Lester S. Kritzer, MD
Location: Hartford, CT
Project: Website
Timeline: 5 weeks

Increased Visibility For Increased Competition 

Dr. Lester S. Kritzer is an Endocrinologist in the Hartford, CT area who had started losing referrals to the growing hospital systems. It didn’t help that he had no digital presence whatsoever. No website, no social media. Nothing.

He asked us to develop a brand and website that would both help patients find him and introduce them to his practice. As a physician, he loves the complexity of endocrinology as it influences every other part of the body. Our goal was to help convey that enthusiasm for his work to prospective patients.

Explore the Design


The homepages was designed as a simple landing page, introducing prospective patients to Dr. Kritzer’s overall mission: Helping you enjoy the activities you love. Too often endocrine disorders like diabetes or metabolic disorder can put a real hamper on life. Dr. Kritzer is there to help you enjoy life on your terms.

Patient Education

We know that content is king, so we wanted to make sure to include information on that major conditions and issues Dr. Kritzer treated. That way, when people are searching for information on those medical issues, they’re more likely to find his site. We helped write summary content on eight of the most common things he treats.

Easing Registration

Everyone hates having to fill out all those medical forms while sitting in the waiting room. You can never remember your doctors phone number and you always forget some part of your history. We created a complrehensive New Patient page so that new patients could download and fill out all of their paperwork ahead of time without feeling rushed.

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