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Client: Evacusafe US
Location: Michigan
Project: Website
Timeline: 6 weeks

E-Commerce Website Design & Development for  E-Mergency Evacuation Equipment

Evacusafe US is the official United States distributor for the UK-based Evacusafe company. They manufacture chairs and other personal transport equipment to help mobility-impaired people get out of a building in the case of emergency, usually a fire.

When the fire alarm goes off, elevators shut down so the only path to escape is a stairwell. But if you’re in a wheelchair, good luck. They’re not built to go down stairs, and unless that person is a child, you’re not going to carry them down 7 flights of stairs. The Evacusafe chairs have friction-controlled tracks that resist gravity and glide along the edge of steps for a quick and safe evacuation.

After years with an outdated site, we were asked to revamp both the functionality and the overall visual design to improve the user experience and showcase their a fresh, clean, modern brand appeal.

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The homepage introduces users to the wide variety of products offered by Evacusafe and takes them straight to the store to begin shopping. If they scroll down more, they can find quick, easy links to information about training and joining the sales team.

Online Store

Product organization was key to Evacusafe’s sales strategy. Their flagship product, the Excel chair was performing strongly, but they wanted to improve numbers on their smaller, Moving & Handling equipment. We helped organized the store to make it easy for users to see and explore Moving & Handling equipment rather than buring it “beneath the fold.”

Product Pages

Quick and easy is the name of the game. No one wants a complicated shopping experience. Our product pages were quick and to the point. If users wanted to learn more, several tabs efficiently displayed document downloads, demo videos, and specs without much scrolling.


We also maintain a blog for Evacusafe to help them bolster their credibility in the world of safety equipment and share important news about the organization.

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