Brand & Website Development

Anderson Sports Medicine

Brand & Website Development

Anderson Sports Medicine

Client: Anderson Sports Medicine
Location: Detroit, MI
Project: Website
Timeline: 8 weeks

Shifting Gears as a Motor City Sports Medicine Orthopedist

Dr. Anderson is one of Detroit’s leading Orthopedic Sports Medicine physicians. He’s spent decades as lead team physician for most of the city’s professional sports teams and been a part of a large orthopedic group practice affiliated with one of the area’s largest hospital systems.

So when he made the decision to break off and start his own practice, he knew he’d need to develop a brand and build out a website to act as a digital communications home base. We helped Dr. Anderson create his new brand identity and build a custom, responsive-design WordPress website to help new patients request appointments and current patients find the information they needed.

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Logo Design

The logo was designed to combine different thematic elements. First, we selected a badge shape to mimic a team patch that you might see on a soccer or football jersey. Second, we included three figures representing the most common sports played by Dr. Anderson’s patients. Football, Soccer, and Golf. And third, the color scheme was based around notable college and professional teams in the Detroit area who’s players are among Dr. Anderson’s patient base.

Pop-Up Appointments

Gone are the days of pop-up ads, but new web design trends indicate that “overlay” style pop-ups within the same window are very useful for either displaying or collecting information. Directing a user to a Contact page requires loading a whole new page. But a pop-up form reduces time and increases the likelyhood of a successful lead conversion.

Accordion Treatment Information

Dr. Anderson treats a wide range of conditions and injuries. So many, in fact, that listing them all would make the page very long, especially on mobile. We opted to use an accordion style information display to keep the page more managable for users. And while some accordions cause large, confusing content shifts, this one automatically moves the page to the beginning of the newly opened section.

Patient Document Library

After surgery, patients get a packet of information with care instructions. But when you’re on pain meds and your life is disrupted by surgery, it’s easy to loose them. We made it easier for patients to have a great recovery by including a document library on the site with all pre- and post-operative care instructions in PDF format for easy reference and download.

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